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Columbus Medical Assocation (11/18/2014)
Director Plouck's Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee (11/20/2014)
Association of Ohio Health Commissioners (9/24/2014)
Medical Technical Assistance and Policy Program Summit (9/23/2014)
OhioHealth Regional Healthcare Leadership Forum (9/4/2014)
Akron General Health System Presentation (8/25/2014)
America Medicaid Pharamacy Assocation (8/25/2014)
Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee Presentation (8/21/2014)
BWC: Patient-Centered Primary Care (7/30/2014)
BWC: How Health Care Delivery is Changing (7/28/2014)
Federal Interagency Health Equity Team Webinar (6/19/2014)
County Commissioners Association of Ohio (5/14/2014)
Ohio Health Plans Association (5/14/2014)
Kenyon Center for the Study of American Democracy (4/11/2014)
American College of Surgeons
OhioHealth Clinical Guidance Councils (3/20/2014)
Health Policy Institute of Ohio Presentation (3/11/2014)
America's Health Insurance Plans National Health Policy Conference (3/5/2014)
Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (2/11/2014)
Ohio Associations of Community Action Agencies (1/30/2014)
BWC Health Care Workshop (1/29/2014)
Ohio Health Care Association Winter Meeting (1/29/2014)
Ohio Commission on Minority Health Board Meeting (1/17/2014)

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